Acts 4:13 says, “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” 



When reading the Word of God, we quickly realize that God has called Ordinary Men throughout history to advance the Kingdom. God is still doing just this today, and we exist to lead Ordinary Men to the revelation that God wants to use their lives in extraordinary ways.
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We believe that discipleship is more caught than taught.  With this in mind, we have created a process by which we model discipleship within a high challenge, high grace environment.  This model is highly reproducible over many generations, and creates a clear path for multiplication of new groups.
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Ordinary Men presents Ordinary Discussions with Jeremy McCommons.  These discussions are centered around the topic of discipleship and what it looks like in the real world.
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Ordinary Men provides resources for both individuals and churches.


Ordinary Men was founded through groups of individuals who wanted to be challenged in their faith and grow in discipleship.
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Ordinary Men is the perfect platform to revolutionize the discipleship culture in your church.  pointing men to intimacy with Jesus, intentional relationships with one another and inspiring multiplication of new groups.
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Ordinary Men is a Divinely-inspired movement, which will change society through intentional discipleship that produces exponential growth. First and foremost, we follow the vision God has placed on our hearts. This means fighting against the urge to do things the way we want.  Instead, we follow the vision He has placed on our hearts. We believe we will see a movement that will sweep across this nation and beyond; this will only happen with divine intervention.


We prioritize our relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, knowing that our identity can only be found through intimacy with Him. Everything in our Christian walk flows from our time spent with the Lord. We long to grow in intimacy with Jesus, making our faith personal. Intimacy with Jesus births passion that fuels our faith.

Intentional Relationships

Instead of individualism and isolation, we commit to sacrificing our time and schedule to invest in others, building intentional relationships anchored in the Lord. We do what we say, we make time for others, and we maintain teachable hearts. We understand that our lives matter because the lives of others depend on us.


We commit to being disciples who make disciples, focused on putting our faith into action. We act out of calling from a place of intimacy and passion produced in time spent with God. First we sit and listen, then we go and do. While Ordinary Men groups are designed to strengthen and empower the believer, we do not exist to create a “holy huddle.” On the contrary, OM believes that as each participant becomes fully alive in his individual walk with Christ, from this place of intimacy he will be empowered to reach others around him who are lost. So while Multiplication within Ordinary Men groups will be specific to believers participating in intentional discipleship, the result will, and must be, a spreading of the Gospel among the communities in which we live and the people with whom we interact daily. The ultimate goal is that each man will bring new believers into the OM process and teach them to be disciples who make disciples.

The Problem

Consumerism has impacted the church in several ways. The people of God have substituted discipleship for being spoon-fed from their pastors and leaders. This is identified in four ways:


Less Than 5%

Fewer than 5% of churches in the US have a reproducing disciple-making culture.


Lack of Reproduction

There has been a vacuum of viral-like disciple-making Movements among the Christian community.



There is confusion around the term of discipleship.



There is a skewed and overly-optimistic assessment of disciple-making currently present in the Christian faith, which tends to measure the wrong outcomes and neglects multiplication and generational discipleship.

The OM Difference

At Ordinary Men, we see the way forward in making real and lasting change in four ways:


Multiplication is at our Core

We started with a disciple-making movement in mind.  Everything we do points participants to multiplication and a reproducible disciple-making process, with leadership opportunities at all levels, promoting an anti-consumerism culture.


Intentional Relationships

Relationship is also at the core of what we do.  We realize that discipleship does not happen by watching a single person from a stage or by following a 10-step program.  Discipleship is about relationships and acting upon the knowledge of the Word of God in the context of them.



Discipleship is more caught than taught.  By modeling discipleship as well as teaching it, we bring clarity to the process.  This makes discipleship clear and tangible, rather than a word that is often confusing and misunderstood. We provide next steps, resources, and mentoring to make discipleship attainable and concrete.



A disciple-making movement is only possible with life change.  No discipleship program or system will become a movement without pointing people first to intimacy with Jesus.  Once men encounter Jesus in an intimate manner, moving past information and toward a sincere, deep relationship, God births passion in their hearts.  From this passion, He gives purpose, which moves men to discipleship. A program alone will never do this; however, when intimacy with God is paired with an easy-to-follow system, a movement is created.

Exponential Growth

Ordinary Men has seen amazing growth over the past two years—growth that can only be explained by divine intervention.  We believe that as we continue to follow the model of Christ (making disciples who make disciples), we will see exponential multiplication.  Using conservative numbers, the bell curve below clearly shows the results of a discipleship model.  *Projections are based on 60% current leader retention and 25% of participants multiplying into new groups

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Starting number of small groups: 10

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