Ordinary Men is the perfect platform to change the discipleship culture in your church. Pointing men to intimacy with Jesus, intentional relationship with one another and multiplication. Men's ministry is often a struggle for many churches, and we believe OM is a great solution. We provide the materials, resources, and mentorship for your groups at no charge. Taking the burden off your staff and your finances. Through the OM platform we expect and promote multiplication. Thus a single group of 10 men in year one can easily result in 5-10 new groups in year two. That means you have 50-100 men engaging in discipleship by month 13. Within a few years the culture and mindset of the men in your church will change to that of pursuing relationships with one another, a focus of action in their faith, a pursuit of deep intimacy with the Lord and a mindset and action of being disciples that make disciples.

We believe that discipleship is more caught than taught.  With this in mind we have created a process where we model discipleship within a high challenge, high grace environment.  This model is highly reproducible over many generations, and creates a clear path for multiplication of new groups.

Small Groups

This is the core of what we do. Each group goes through our Ordinary Men’s year long study provided at no cost via our online resource portal.

Make Disciples

At the end of each group we encourage members to lead their own group. We call this multiplication. The OM study points men to be disciples that make disciples. However we dont just encourage disciple making, we provide next steps and resourcing.


Ordinary Men provides a free online portal for both leaders and participants. We provide step by step processes for leaders with resources for each step. Every leader and participant is given access to a free online portal where they can access all resources and information needed to lead and participate. Instead of simply encouraging men to disciple others, we have taken away the obstacles and give practical steps to discipleship.


We believe in discipleship at all levels of the organization. When a participant steps into leadership (multiplication) we provide a mentor to assist them in the journey. We never want anyone doing discipleship alone, and we believe that as you disciple others you should also be being discipled. In most cases the new leader is mentored by their previous group leader. This creates a great next step for previous leaders and builds upon a relationship that already exist.

Educate and Inspire

We are provide resources, encouragement, podcast, blogs, videos, etc for our current and past participants as well as the general public. We connect particpants to a greater vision and our culture, continue to engage past participants and hope to engage the hearts of future participants.


Throughout the year, Ordinary Men hosts local, regional, and national gatherings. These gatherings point men to Jesus and help participants understand that we are part of a larger network. A movemental network that has the ability to be highly influential and effective at changing society.

Acts 4:13 says “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, Ordinary Men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus”. 


When reading the Word of God we quickly realize that God has called Ordinary Men throughout history to advance the Kingdom.  God is still doing just this today, and we exist to lead Ordinary Men to the realization that God wants to use their lives in extraordinary ways today.  


The name Ordinary Men is not an excuse or a profession of mediocrity.  Instead it is a war cry, a realization of the fact that God uses us despite our past, our failures and our shortcomings.  It is a profession of our faith in God’s willingness and want to use our lives to advance his Kingdom.  It is putting our excuses aside and a focus on his power in and through our lives versus a focus on our abilities.  


We are individual groups of Ordinary Men that together make up a large group that is focused on allowing the Lord to work in our lives to advance his Kingdom and Church through discipleship.


Ordinary Men is a Divinely-inspired movement that will sweep across this nation and change society through intentional discipleship that produces exponential growth. 


Being a Divinely-inspired movement is at the heart of OM.  First and foremost we follow the vision that God has put on our hearts.  Fighting against the urge to do things the way we want, instead following the vision he has placed on our hearts.  We believe we will see a movement that will sweep across this nation and beyond and this will only happen with divine intervention.  


This vision is accomplished by creating an organization that is not about the leadership of a single person but that relies on the leadership of many.  OM has created a system where the speed and level of growth is contingent upon ordinary men putting the great commission into action.  We only grow through ordinary men leading other ordinary men.  The same model Jesus gave us.  


We are a large organization that is made up of many small groups.  We support and facilitate small groups, while connecting each group to a larger vision.