“It really hits at the core of my biggest need, which is intentional Christ-centered relationships with other men who have similar struggles. “

Nathan Burkholder

“This last year probably saved my ‘life’. I say that as a guy who has struggled with depression, and leading up the start of OM, I was near my lowest point. The prayer and connection with the fellas in OM, coupled with the power of the Spirit, turned my outlook around, gave me friends to rely on, and support to take on each day and succeed. I love it.”
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Daniel Hughes

“Before stepping up to co-lead my OM group, I recall thinking, and even sharing with other guys, that I didn’t feel qualified to lead a group. Looking back, that was bogus. As it turned out, my group wasn’t looking for me to be a Bible scholar. It mattered a lot more to them that I cared about them enough to challenge them, hold them accountable, grab coffee when life got rocky, etc.”
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Paul Quinn

“At first, I was hesitant to lead an Ordinary Men group. I felt intimidated by the responsibility as well as the time commitment. Yet, I was encouraged by Jeremy to take ownership of my discipleship process, as well as leading others deeper in their walks with Jesus. And, candidly, if it weren’t for Jeremy and a couple of good friends challenging me to do it, I would have likely disqualified myself from leading in the first place, but that didn’t happen (thank goodness for a good mentor and good friends)!”
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Matt Armstrong

“Leading an OM group provided a great step in strengthening and growing my faith and building lasting intentional relationships with the group.  The material and content provided from OM helped to facilitate productive meetings and took away much of the stresses you envision when taking on a leadership role.”
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Shawn Huwar

“Through my one-year journey with OM, I was truly blessed by the relationships that grew with the dudes in my group. I was already friends with all of them and went to church with most of them, but through OM we grew closer and strengthened our relationships.”

Casey McCommons

“OM is a life-changing group that helped me to come out of my comfort zone and become real about the man I am with the Lord. OM has helped to show me that the Lord can still use me, even though I am not a perfect man.”
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Aaron Webb

“For me, OM has given me a voice where before there was none–a slightly boosted confidence in sharing my faith with other men, not just those in my household. I found that being a part of a group and being allowed the freedom to open up and be vulnerable can add fuel to whatever fire is burning.”
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Chris DelMonte

“I feel like it opened the doors to being with other Christian men.   It allows the freedom to speak your faith and engage in Christian conversations.  Everyone I’ve met seems to be relaxed and willing to listen/talk about things most men are not willing to talk about.”

Tim Ambrose

“OM has challenged me to pursue a more intimate relationship with Christ by spending more time in His Word and in prayer throughout the day. The intentional relationships gained through OM played a large part in my growth with Christ.”

Gavan Duffy