“At first, I was hesitant to lead an Ordinary Men group. I felt intimidated by the responsibility as well as the time commitment. Yet, I was encouraged by Jeremy to take ownership of my discipleship process, as well as leading others deeper in their walks with Jesus. And, candidly, if it weren’t for Jeremy and a couple of good friends challenging me to do it, I would have likely disqualified myself from leading in the first place, but that didn’t happen (thank goodness for a good mentor and good friends)!

In retrospect, taking responsibility for leading a group put rubber to the road in practicing discipleship. As I began to walk out the process  (OM provides the content and guidance for leading), the sacrifice began to pay off because of the feeling of peace that came from knowing I was honoring my heart and intention to walk out the Great Commission.

I connected deeply with the core values of OM: Intimacy, Intentional Relationship, and Multiplication. Once I started “teaching” and “walking” them out in leadership, my own relationship with Jesus deepened, and the fruit of discipleship continued to transform me and my world. I grew as my group members grew… multiplication!

Ultimately, we ought to make time for the things we value,  the things that matter. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to lead an OM group. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it’s worth it–to God be the glory!!”