“OM helped awaken my relationship with Christ. I had fallen away and didn’t realize how negatively it was affecting me. OM provided a vehicle to rekindle my relationship with Christ and grow with other men on that journey.”
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Paul Lee

“It really hits at the core of my biggest need, which is intentional Christ-centered relationships with other men who have similar struggles.”

Jason Manns

“Leading the group was easy because the OM curriculum and framework helped immensely, and the conversations ALWAYS delivered fruit.  Great experience that I am far from being done with.  I think it gets better every year.”

Chris DelMonte

“Just the thought of inviting someone into a group where they could see an increase of intimacy with Jesus makes it all worth it. It’s an honor to watch as men, who didn’t previously know what being a Jesus-lover can look like, become aware and alive in an active, contagious faith.
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Sean Lando

“OM allowed me to step up as a leader for Christ and lead other christian men long with myself into a more deeper, meaningful and intimate relationship with Jesus – where so many of us don’t step up at church and lead anything.”

Shane Reid