“Before stepping up to co-lead my OM group, I recall thinking, and even sharing with other guys, that I didn’t feel qualified to lead a group. Looking back, that was bogus. As it turned out, my group wasn’t looking for me to be a Bible scholar. It mattered a lot more to them that I cared about them enough to challenge them, hold them accountable, grab coffee when life got rocky, etc.
In our last group we had four former and current pastors, a former YoungLife staffer, and several guys that are actively involved in leadership roles within their churches. However, that didn’t impede me or my co-leader from being able to “lead” them. In fact, even though these guys all likely know more of the Bible than I do, they desperately need men around them that they can be real with, and who would challenge them to pursue intimacy with Christ (which can be harder for pastors than we might think).
As a bonus, the OM material really does make it simple. It gives you a script for every session, but as your group gets more comfortable, you’ll find it becomes much more conversational, and the burden of “leading” dissipates as guys share thoughts and explore the topics together.
The truth is, God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the willing. Leading other men in anything can be daunting, but if we are waiting to feel qualified, we’ll never take action. That’s my lesson learned. I hope it encourages you to step up and lead!”