Intimacy. It’s my word for the year. In past years, I’ve centered on words like discipline, results, or impact, but this year I wanted to get to the source, and God confirmed intimacy with Him as my starting point.

The truth is, I’ve had a challenging relationship with prayer, not because I don’t believe what I’ve learned about it from God’s Word or through good teaching, but because of intimacy. I was afraid to pursue face-to-face intimacy with the Father.

Sure, I pray for important things daily, but 13 years into my walk with Jesus, my sense is that I’ve barely scratched the surface of that kind of intimacy. It’s been pretty easy to skirt; I’ve made excuses, played hide and seek, and let distractions consume the time I would otherwise devote to investing in a vibrant prayer life. After years of dwelling on it, however, I’m finally confronting my fear of intimacy with God, and He has highlighted prayer as a vital key to growing in a deeper relationship with him.

So, what now? Instead of asking myself questions like, “Why don’t I value prayer as much as I should?” “Why don’t I spend more time in prayer?” Or, “What is it about me that just doesn’t get it?” I’m asking, “What’s on my heart to share with God?” “What’s on my Father’s heart to share with me?” And, “How can I delight in and be led by Him today?” It’s an adjustment of mindset and heart posture from a practice of performance to one of presence—simple but not easy—with massive implications.

The realization: I have direct access to His presence! I get to pray, and it takes me someplace special. It’s a gift and a privilege—a treasure trove of blessing and fulfillment. I know it’s just a taste, but I want more!

What’s more, since the beginning of the year, I have learned about several movements of God, happening right now, that began by people who committed to regular prayer both individually and corporately with others—as a starting point. And I’m amazed by the results of their obedience. To God be the glory, but I’m seeing that prayer is a catalyst. As a result, I’m convicted to go all in and not waste any more time dwelling on why I’m missing it somehow. The church is on a mission, and I want to be fully engaged in the movement!

 Here’s the bottom line: Prayer matters. It’s a direct line to the Creator of the Universe—our Father in Heaven. Let’s take advantage of it and get connected!!

Are you in?

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