We have provided a list of suggested activities below, however if there is something else you would like to do that isn’t listed, we recommend doing an online search for that activity in “the Vail Valley” or “in Vail”. There are so many amazing things to do in the area! PLEASE CONSIDER BOOKING YOUR ACTIVITIES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AS RESERVATIONS ARE STARTING TO FILL FAST!


You can rent a bike and explore on your own or hire a guide. If you prefer to go without a guide, just gather a few guys for your trip and find some trail maps online. Once we know who is interested we will have a daily ride with a local OM guide that will take us on some of the best trails around. 

Here are some biking options to consider: 

Rent a mountain bike or road bike: (plenty of local knowledge to share if you want to do it yourself without a guide)

Cruise down Vail Pass

This is a must-do if you want a relaxing bike ride! You start at the top of Vail Pass and take a bike path 14+ miles downhill into the town of Vail. This activity is a one-of-a-kind experience. Stop in Vail Village to explore, have lunch, etc. Great for any fitness level as you can opt for an ebike as well, and the trail is downhill.

*You can search online for a complete list of companies that offer this shuttle service and bike rental.

Mountain Bike the downhill on the ski slopes

Downhill mountain biking on Vail Mountain is an activity like no other! A gondola will take you and your bike up the mountain, and you get to ride down the mountain on trails that are color coded like ski slopes for level of difficulty. If you like mountain biking, this is a must!  

Simply rent a downhill mountain bike in the village (many shops to choose from) and buy a day lift pass to get going.

Road Cycling

If you enjoy cycling and have always wanted to give the mountains a try this is your chance! You can rent road bikes and enjoy the numerous miles of (relatively flat) valley trails or ride up some amazing mountains. Local riders will be happy to take a group out during the Connect.


The opportunities are endless and July is the best time to be in the mountains for hiking. This is not only an amazing opportunity but it’s also virtually free.  There are tons of trails and maps online and plenty of local knowledge to get you on a hike that will work for you. We plan to have a group hike led by a local OM if we get enough interest.


If you love to golf, there are three great options for you in Vail!

Vail Gold Club:

*This is the quintessential Vail golfing experience with views of the Gore Range, right in the heart of Vail.

Eagle-Vail Golf Club:

Eagle Ranch Golf Club:

*Just down valley from the Ranch with awesome views.

Horseback Riding

This is a great way to get into nature without the physical demands. There are plenty of options in the valley if you do a quick search, however, the link below is located on the ranch we will be staying at.

Off-Road Adventures

From guided ATV/UTV and Jeep trips to renting your own, there are endless miles to explore in the mountains. With a moderate four wheel drive vehicle you can leave the ranch and drive backcountry mountain roads for miles, ending at Piney Ranch. Piney Ranch (see more below) is a must see and a great stopping point on a Jeep excursion. The forest road comes out at Vail when you’re done or head back the same way you came.

Whitewater Rafting

If you’re a thrill seeker this is the activity for you! There are some great whitewater rafting opportunities close by.

Rafting/ Tubing/ Paddleboarding

Maybe a day on the epic Colorado River sounds amazing but the whitewater thing is too much. Well, here is an awesome option that you can do guided or DIY. Take a raft down the Colorado where it’s pretty low key, stop for lunch, cast a line, swim, and enjoy the mountain views… you won’t be disappointed. You can also tube or paddleboard!  


Guided scenic rafting:

Self-guided rafting:

Rent a raft and they will shuttle your car to the take-out and get your raft back for you! Give them a call for more information.

Paddle Boarding: 

Those with a bit more stand-up paddleboard experience may be ready to take on moving water. Our SUP river trips in the Vail area take place on a stretch of the Colorado River. These trips are a thrill and only recommended for experienced paddleboarders or for those with a bold sense of adventure.


Fly fishing the pristine rivers of Colorado is on many a man’s bucket list! Some of the best fly fishing in the west is right in our backyard! You can float fish on a raft with a guide, wade fish with a guide, or rent equipment and do it yourself.  We plan to do a group float fishing trip one day, so let us know if you are interested.

Rock Climbing

If you rock climb and would like to try your hand in Colorado you’re in for a treat. We have the opportunity for a private trip led by one of our local OM who climbed Mt Everest… and led a blind man… yeah you’re reading this right: read more here. Contact us if you’re interested.

Vail Mountain / Vail Village

If you’re looking for a chill day or some ways to fill some time, Vail Village has a lot to offer. Shopping, restaurants, exploring, gondola rides to the top of the mountain, etc.

Hot Springs

Just a 45 minute drive from the Ranch is Glenwood Springs. You will find multiple hot springs to enjoy and plenty of other things to do. This is a great way to relax and take in the summer weather.


This isn’t your ordinary zipline. This adventure is a mile or two from the ranch and is owned and operated by one of our very own OM. Check out the website to get an understanding of what they offer. It’s pretty amazing!

Piney Ranch

This is a very unique destination. You can take a four wheel drive vehicle to the ranch (an adventure of its own) and simply take in the view and grab some food, or you can hike from the ranch into some of the most beautiful landscape you will ever see. Rent canoes, fly fish, hike, relax. Whatever you decide to do you will be thankful you made the journey.

What do you like to do?

Maybe your favorite activity is not on this list, or there is something else you would like to do. We encourage you to do some searching online as there are many other activities available that may suit your interests. If you have any questions please reach out and we would love to help.